Together we are improving the lives of individuals and families affected by obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and related disorders.

At the McLean OCDI Houston we are dedicated to offering a compassionate therapeutic environment while implementing evidence-based mental health care to provide the most effective treatment outcomes.

We specialize in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), particularly exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, in addition to other proven treatment techniques, such as mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), for individuals struggling with anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.

Our program is ideal for individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders, phobias, and depression. We offer multiple levels of care including partial hospital and residential treatment for adults, intensive outpatient care for teens, and outpatient services customized for individuals across the life span. Learn more about our treatment options.

We also work to advance treatment and outcome research in the field of OCD, anxiety, and related disorders. Our findings demonstrate that our patients, in general, benefit greatly from receiving treatment in our treatment programs with care that is designed to fit their individual needs.



Led by Director Elizabeth McIngvale, PhD, LCSW, our team of expert clinicians and support staff are dedicated to providing world-class OCD and anxiety care to patients and their families.



Find out more about working at McLean OCDI Houston and our current employment opportunities.

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