Consultant for OCD and Religion

Rev. Katie O'Dunne


Rev. Katie O’Dunne educates clinicians and clergy, promoting culturally responsive treatment for OCD across religious/spiritual traditions. She focuses on supporting clinicians seeking to understand theological nuances in the development of culturally responsive treatment, helping clergy offer spiritual support without reassurance, and encouraging individuals navigating OCD to reimagine treatment as an opportunity to connect with their faith. This is also reflected in her doctoral work at Vanderbilt, which seeks to reimagine Exposure and Response Prevention as a spiritual practice across religious/spiritual traditions. 

Prior to her work with OCD, Katie was ordained in the United Church of Christ and spent 7 years serving as the Academy Chaplain and the Pauline and R.L. Brand Jr. ’35 Chair of Religious Studies at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. While serving in this role, she also served as a consultant on interfaith programming for schools around the country. As an IOCDF lead advocate tackling 50 ultra-marathons for OCD awareness, Katie proudly received the IOCDF Advocate Spirit Award and finds joy in inspiring others on their unique journeys. 





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